About WEKA

Founders Todd and Crystal Herring combined their military and law enforcement experience with a background in behavioral and mental health to create a unique emergency response transport company. We expanded our secure transports for the State of Alaska and private customers by adding close personal protection and guard services. We continue expanding our services by qualifying for federal and state government security contracts and specializing in maritime security.

Capability Statement

At WEKA, we are held to the highest standards in quality when it comes to security, personal safety and secure transport.

Core Competencies

  • Transport: Armed & Unarmed Officers
  • Airports & Seaports
  • Banks
  • Commercial Property
  • Condominiums
  • Construction Sites
  • Churches
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Disaster Response
  • Diplomats
  • Executive Protection
  • Gated Communities
  • Govt. Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Malls
  • Meetings
  • Nursing Homes
  • Non-Profit Events
  • Shopping Centers
  • Special Events
  • Stadiums


Our Special Response Team, made up of highly skilled specialists and former U.S. military and law enforcement officers, provides close personal protection, specialized security solutions for maritime security, secure transport, and state/ federal contract needs.

Primary NAICS & PSC Codes

  • 561612: Security Guards & Patrol Services
  • S206: Security Guards
  • SIN 246 52 – Professional Security/Facility Management
  • SIN 246 54 – Protective Service Occupations
  • SIN 84 – Total Solutions for Security

Origin Story

In 2010, Crystal was working as a family therapist and discharge planner on the adolescent mental health unit at a local hospital. When teens required further treatment in the lower 48, she was responsible for arranging transports for teens and their families. Unfortunately, there was only one company that did mental health transports. Crystal received negative feedback from parents about the company; they were dissatisfied with the service. A coworker jokingly told Crystal that she and her husband, Todd, should start a transport company. Crystal could train the transport officers on how to work with mental health patients, while Todd could use his background in military, law enforcement, and corrections to teach the security side of things. Crystal told Todd about the “joke,” and in May, 2011, WEKA, LLC was formed!

Through research within this niche, Todd quickly realized that there was an issue, across State of Alaska, related to secure transport. The current options available at the time provided poor service; they were unable to respond promptly and treated patients in crisis disrespectfully. With this knowledge, Crystal and Todd set out to create a better security experience where the focus was on safely transporting from point A to point B, while treating all individuals, regardless of their circumstances or behavior, with dignity, respect, and compassion. With the focus on prompt service response times and patient-officer professionalism, WEKA rapidly grew! WEKA currently performs over 95% of the secure transports for State of Alaska, in addition to multiple private contracts with local hospitals. 

Due to the unparalleled success of WEKA’s operations in secure transport, we have expanded to provide in-house security support for the state’s largest psychiatric hospital, as well as specialized security services that include armed and unarmed details, close personal protection, event security, and surveillance