Our Transport Officers handle over 95% of Alaska’s mental health in-custody transports, to and from Correctional and Medical Facilities. From the bush in Alaska to the lower 48, our officers are ready to respond. Before being placed in the field, we put our officers through a rigorous selection course in which candidates are put through non-stop Psychological and Physical Testing. Upon completion, candidates become certified in the following: Hands-on (physical) and hands-off (verbal) de-escalation techniques, application of multiple restraint systems – to include handcuffs, belly-chains, and leg restraints. Officers are assigned police-barricaded Ford Taurus Interceptors and are on-call, 24 hours a day, seven days per week. We maintain the ability to respond to any call at a moment’s notice. To date, WEKA has successfully completed over 10,000 in-custody transports in Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington State. 


  • State of Alaska – Transports within Alaska as well as the lower – 48 for persons in custody under the State of Alaska court order Title 47:
    Department of Health and Social Services, Office of Children’s
    Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, and Department of
  • North Star Terminal and Stevedore Co., LLC
  • Alaska Psychiatric Institute
  • Matsu Regional Hospital
  • Providence Health Systems
  • Birchwood Behavioral Health
  • North Star Behavioral Health
  • Alaska Regional Hospital