WEKA is a premier contract security firm offering safety programs and transport services customized to fit unique needs.


WEKA security officers provide Close Personal Protection (CPP) globally to entertainers, politicians, and executives. Officers are available for 24-hour coverage and are personable and professional.


Creating a safe and comfortable environment is our priority. Whether providing a physical presence or actively patrolling, WEKA personal guard officers take time to personally know who they are protecting and make sure that locations are secure.


WEKA is the primary emergency response security transport provider in Alaska. We offer specialized secure psychiatric transport services to hospitals, residential treatment programs and mental health organizations. Our officers understand patient needs and have experience with minors and adults. We treat every person with the respect they deserve, regardless of circumstance.


WEKA offers a broad range of specialized security services from contracting with local, state and federal governments and agencies to maritime security services. Our maritime asset protection team prevents unwanted entry onto vessels. Special security officers hold TWICs and have completed background checks by the Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Coast Guard.


Worried about your home while you are away?  WEKA offers the Snowbird Security Patrol so you don’t have to worry.  With this service, we will send a trained professional to your home to check on it, make sure all is well, take pictures and send you a report showing you your house, all so you can enjoy your trip and not worry.


  • State of Alaska—transport within Alaska and nationally for those in
    custody under the State of Alaska court order Title 47:
    Department of Health and Social Services, Office of Children’s
    Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of
    Corrections, and Department of Public Safety
  • One World Entertainment
  • North Star Terminal and Stevedore Co., LLC

Training and Certifications

Currently, WEKA educators hold the below training certifications and will increase specific certifications as needed. Staff are trained in the areas specific to their duties and contract requirements, which maintains our high standards presently in place:

  • Verbal Judo (Certified – 3 year)
  • RES-PECT (Certified – 3 year)
  • First Aid, CPR, AED, & BCON (Certified – 2 year)
  • Police Control and Restraint Training TJA – DOJ(Certified until 8/2019)
    • Handcuffing
    • Belly-chains
    • Leg-irons
  • Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) jet stream spray TJA – DOJ (Certified until 8/2019)
  • Expandable Police Baton (Certified until 8/2019)
  • Less Lethal Shotgun (Certified until 8/2019)
  • Edged Weapon Awareness and Spontaneous Defense (Certified until 8/2019)
  • NRA – Law Enforcement Certified ( 3 year)
    • Armed officers requires passing the State Trooper firearms qualification
  • TWIC Card License (Transportation Security Administration – 5 year)
  • TSA Pre-Check (Department of Homeland Security – 5 year)
  • Mental Health First Aid (Certified until 8/2026)