Medical Evacuation and Transport Services

Alaska Emergency Medevac Capability 

“Angels Air One” can carry two patients on stretchers when set up in Air Ambulance “mode”. The Helicopter is also outfitted with a hoist system giving our crews the ability to pick up patients in places we cannot land safely. All medevac flights are crewed by at least 1 Critical Care Flight Paramedic. In addition all flights are crewed with a Rescue Tech/EMT3 as well as a Hoist/FLIR camera Operator/EMT, giving our patients all the care they might need while in route to the nearest hospital. We are committed to the patients that we serve.

Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) teams provide services designed to meet the needs of patients whose medical conditions require advanced levels of care, monitoring and interventions during transport. In addition to all BLS skills, our ALS clinicians are trained to monitor and administer intravenous fluids, administer medications, monitor cardiac activity, and monitor surgical airways, among other interventions. Our highly trained crews are dedicated to ensuring patient care and safety is our highest priority.

Specialty care transport (SCT) services are designed to provide the highest level of medical care for critically ill or injured patients. This category of services may also be referred to as Critical Care Transport (CCT) services in some of our markets. Our specialty care teams include registered nurses and paramedics with advanced certifications not only to provide ALS interventions during transport, but also to manage ventilators, surgical airways and administer IV medications. Specialty care transport patients are most often being transported from one hospital facility or trauma center to another.

When a child is critically ill or injured, WEKA has the training and equipment to provide highly specialized medical care to every child and adolescent. Every WEKA Ambulance Paramedic is certified in prehospital pediatric emergency medicine, and our emergency vehicles carry specially designed equipment for newborns, children and adolescents.